Cluedo: Classic Mystery Game App Reviews

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Woo for Character sets, but

You can’t just totally ignore, Lavender, Rose, Meadow-Brook, and Rusty! They deserve a chance to kill someone! And while we’re on the underrepresented, how about weapons packs? And as far as alternative boards, what about the outdoor areas in ClueFX, the alternative mansion from Master Detective. Also, more Agatha Christie inspired sets could be cool...God, you developers have a lot of work to do.


I like it, but I wish everything was unlocked because I am already spending money to buy the game and don’t want to spend more on the locations.

Needs improvement

Solo is great, while multiplayers needs some improvement such as: -Kicking out those who stall every turn or who disconnect. We have to wait minutes just for them to make a move or hit continue since they are either trolling, taking too long, or disconnected. A normal 6 person game that usually takes 20 minutes took 40 minutes. -Awards and permanent score system is needed. We play games just for the leaderboard to reset, so whats the point of playing 100+ games just to have it reset? We need some incentive more than just a temporary leaderboard. Why not have a permanent leaderboard or level system to unlock new characters or boards that you can’t just buy? -Chat system is needed. Maybe not a full on chat system, but pre-filled phrases would be great. -Final accusation troll fix. Some people just hit final accusation to troll and then back out. -Final accusation bug. Whenever the timer runs out and you hit the submit button at the same time, your map turns into a blue background map, unable to see what’s going on until it’s your turn. -Different game modes. It would be cool to have different game modes such as a speed game, “can’t suspect your own card” game, etc. -Different music. The looping for some map music soundtracks get a little annoying. More music for those who don’t want to mute. This a good game and I really want it to be great. Hope you take my suggestions into thought. Thank you.

I love logic puzzles

It would be nice to be able to see your statistics


The game is not what I expected. How can I get a refund?

Gotta have it

This is a great mystery game. It really gets you thinking.

A Rip off

You pay for the APP and then in order to play you have to buy a board and the characters. You don’t even get a basic board and character to start like in Catan. It’s a total bait and switch. And the prices are REALLY high. I am going to get my money back.

To many stalls, and too many wins

It stalls all the time for no reason. Mostly when the game is in the beginning moves. These stalls can last a few minutes or so. Also, I’ve played many games and it seems as if other online players are just stupid, or I’m smarter than everyone. I think neither idea is true, something is allowing me to win. Good luck all, I unloaded the game.

Constant ad bombardment

I paid for this. I enjoy playing. But now I have to wade through ads for upgrades just to play. AND I now have to upgrade a game that works. For what more ads? I have limited internet. I can't afford to download A new version for no reason. Instead I a message that I have to upgrade. And I have to turn my iPad off to play again.

Single player?

For the price of everything you should be able to play with friends from the same device. Life and Monopoly both have this feature. Will give 5 stars when this becomes Available.


Most of the time I'd be fine paying $4 for a game. However, this time I wasted my money and regretted it. You only get one board to play on upon purchase, A few characters, Ads are ran everywhere, and it costs $35 dollars to unlock the entire game. That may have been the 50% off price. On a lighter note I love the aesthetic and the gameplay is nice and smooth. It just seems like overkill to purchase a game for $4 and then to be asked to buy the full version for $35.


I think that this is a great game I don’t have to do any of the work I just don’t like of how you have to buy everything


I cannot express how much i love this game im on it for hrs i made my family buy it and we play it like old times on the clue board ... its amazing watching this board game come to life ! Thx for an amazing game

... Great !.

So Addicting !.

How do I change my name in this game?

Great job

Love it! But....

Well, to start off with, I almost died of excitement when I saw this game. I always want to play this game with my family but they get tired of it, so when I saw it, I was like “Whaaaaaaatttttt?!” But..... The big but. I’m a little disappointed with the online playing thing because it’s not that good. Also I’m a little mad with the cheat stuff because it takes the fun out of winning. I also suggest you should be able to buy boards with some of the points you get by daily streaks. Back to the positive stuff, it’s actually a really good game. For the next new theme, you should do the “Discover the Secrets” kind of Clue. It would be difficult but I think you’ll be able to do it.

Great Classic board game

Great adaptation of the classic board game. What would be a good idea is the possibility to desactivate the auto logic deductive sheet.

Great way to play

I love playing clue and have the board game but no one ever plays with me so with this I could play clue by myself and have fun I could even play on road trips

Fantastic, just one major thing wrong...

Everything about this game is great except one little thing (which is preventing me from giving this app a 5 star rating)... on the solo play settings, there should be a randomized turn option. I don’t like going first every single time, it really affects the outcome of the game when you’re constantly going first. I feel that whoever goes third or fourth (in a game with 6 players) usually has an advantage. So, developers, please fix this issue! Another much smaller issue - I don’t like the username I was given. We should have some input or choice when it comes to our own usernames. Otherwise, I love this app, even if it is pricey - $35 to own every board is quite steep, but I will say that each board is very well done.

Wonderful adaptation

I absolutely love the new Murder Express update! The best theme yet, and the best since the Hollywood update. It has a very Agatha Christie feeling, something that was missing in the other themes. It's great to see new content being added regularly every few months, and would love to see more themes like this in the future!

Long & frequent animations!

Please add a setting for players to skip animations. They look fine, but really slow the game to the point that I often stop playing out of frustration. I might even consider buying an expansion pack or two if I thought I wouldn’t have to watch them anymore. That said, buying a game for $4 and then being offered different looking locations and characters for $6 seems like gouging. Otherwise this is a great game!

The new train station theme

is the best yet! Great work!

Actually love the game but...

Love the game! Very much! But what’s the incentive to win? Why not make it a reward thing where you can earn hint cards? Or even a character once in a while? Every other game out there gives you more than a star when you win. You just play on a loop... pretty lame. I get they want in-app purchases but you’d think there’d be SOMETHING for winning? Pretty boring after a few times winning

More theme bundles please!

Love this game. There can definitely be some annoying lag in online play too. Would love more theme bundle options too, please keep them coming!

Pay to Play, only pay more.

I’m not at all happy that I paid money for a game only to find I paid money for one section of a game. I’m giving it 2 stars because I do like the game itself, but knocking off 3 for the business model.


Clue is a really fun game it is a game where you pick a person and the thing in a room and then at the end you get to see who the person is if you’re right you don’t listen if you wrong you do lose it’s just a really fun game for kids from Izzy

Love love

So even though I think the cpu professor plum is low key trying to do what I do!!! 🤨 I love this game my son and I can’t stop playing!!! We love clue we play the actual Board game at home but this is great when we are on the road!! The only thing is I like to hear the sound effects and I can’t hear it without my AirPods or any headphones for that matter! When I disconnect the Bluetooth there is no sound. Bummer maybe it’s an Apple issue and yes my volume is all the way up it’s not on mute!!! Otherwise 4 thumbs up (myself and Son) 😬😬😬😬

A little glitchy, but great

I love this game when it works (which is most of the time). The interface is very user friendly, and it’s really fun overall! I had listed some bugs in a previous review, but they seem to have been fixed in this latest bug fix, so I’m bumping it to 5 stars. Worth the money.

Fun but flawed

+ Clue on iPhone - Doesn’t follow standard rules - Microtransactions ($35?!!!) - Professor Plum looks... strange

Game stop working

The app opens up but if when I click the start button a window pops up saying I need to update the app to play. There is no app update showing in the App Store. This started just after I updated my device to iOS 11.2.6. Is the game just not compatible with the new iOS version?


So much fun, have been looking for this game a long time and now finally here it is.

Five Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Love it! You have to get it! I love the board game and this has definitely been fun! Although it's not the same as the actual game it is my favorite game on a mobile device right now! Don't listen to those who say not to get it, it's the best!

Love it!

Great app! Love the multiplayer option because I do not like playing against a computer. 👍🏻

Good game

Multiplayer is fun. Can be a little slow at times but otherwise fun. Wish there was an online multiplayer option though.

Great game

Although it was $3.00 for me it was completely worth the money because when you play the game it’s really fun you can play with your friends or with out you friends up too you but over all great game.

Online problem

Please fix the dang online play. It is beyond aggravating! When inviting friends it routinely kick out and sends players into other games once game commences. What a waste of 3 dollars

Great game, too expensive

It’s a really fun game, but there are too many things that you buy, and they are way too expensive. I would normally just purchase them, but they are way too overpriced, so I’ll just stick with what I’ve got

4 star...

Only because I love clue and don’t always have time to play it in real life with the fam all the time but I wish I didn’t have to pay so much money if I want more boards that’s sad


Enough said.

Awesome app

This app took some time to get used to but is a fun play for all ages


I bought vampire characters and international characters. I haven’t got them to this day plz give my characters

Great game!

Gave it 4 stars only because I HATE going first every single game. Other players win because they are in last position. I wish there was a "roll to see who goes first" option. Other than being stuck going first, the graphics are amazing and you won't get bored because every game is different and challenging!


I love it

Great game, but one flaw

Great game, but on flaw. It’s next to impossible to earn hints after using your first batch. You’re forced to purchase more if you’d like to continue to use them


This is a very fun game, but it NEEDS multiplayer!!!!!! Then it would be an awesome, amazing, super fun game. It now has multiplayer!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!

Fun game- all the characters + online play

Updating a previous review I left, complaining about the lack of multiplayer- multi is available now. Very easy to play 3p or 6p games with CPU, friends, or strangers. The game includes the current six suspects + Mrs White & other add ons (Rose, Peach, etc). Different boards and skins are available for purchase.

Really fun game.

It’s a great time killer. I wish the expansion were not so much money.

Why is this a thing

I don’t understand why the whole game I keep receiving the answers... It makes it so unenjoyable to play.

I love Clue but....

This is a bit pricey to open up other boards and characters after paying $4 for initial game

So disappointing

This game is essentially a lite version that you have to pay for. Even though you have to buy it you still get the bare minimum.

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