Cluedo: Classic Mystery Game App Anmeldelser

Thank u god!

Finally I can put my deductive skills up to da test


It’s really good but SUPPORT IT FOR IPHONE X!!

Not as fun without the Hint coins

This app used to let you earn points that could be used to purchase Hint coins that could be used in the game. Now, they’re apparently phasing out the Hint coins (you can no longer purchase them) and you don’t earn points. As a solo user who purchased the top-of-the-line add-on package with this app, I am really disappointed. As a result, I can no longer recommend this app.

Love Clue!

I LOVE this version of Clue. It’s so addicting to play. I would have given 5 stars except I wish you could fix your profile picture. It automatically gets cropped when you link with Facebook and it’s out of place. Are you also supposed to be collecting coins/points to get more hints. I’m confused by this part as well because it doesn’t give me an option to gain more hints.

Worst ever

This game now requires you to give permission to the developer to give your information to third party companies in order to play it. If it was necessary, why do none other have this? You can access it without giving approval.


I lovvvvvvvvveeeee it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


It says is available is different languages but I’m not able to find the language setting.

Great but too expensive

I really like clue so having it on my phone is a wonderful and fun experience (especially with how well the app is done) but I think that it would be a lot more fun if you could get other boards and characters through a in-game monetary system that you earn through playing and not have to pay for them with real money.


We love to all join the same game and play against each other!

Great boards

Glad to see some new characters, boards and murder weapons. The fun won't stop because of it. Although, I do miss the names that were given in the vampire castle board such as Monster Green, Hunter Peacock, Ghost White, etc. I think that with every board the characters should be given new names. Other then that, don't stop bringing out the fun.

Don’t do it

It costs money to download, and you only get one board and then have to pay 3.99 for each extra board you want. Not worth it.


The game is absolutely fantastic! I’ve always love the clue board game and being able to play with my friends and people online is very convenient for when you want an on the go mystery with a friend or if you don’t just wanna play with a computer which is an option the only thing I dislike is not having access to all the characters.


Because clue is my favorite board game right next to monopoly. The only thing they did to it is add themes and animations to it and I love it. Also they are changing the him system so it’s more fair.

Love the game not the company

The game is great, can’t say enough about how fun it is. Buy, after having purchasing hunt and for the company to just take them away and say in order to make things fair we’re just taking from you money you spent. Not cool!

What More Do You Want?!

Excellent game. Coughed up the $36 to unlock everything present and future. They just released Wild West theme and guess what? I didn’t have to pay anything! Love knowing I don’t have to pay to unlock anything else! It’s a little hefty price point but I figure the board game is normally $20 and they’re fixed characters and levels. My wife and I play almost every night.

not working

i bought this game to play clue but when i opened the app all that i saw was battleship and life. i would like to know how to play clue on here :((

Not as described on AppStore.

You have to purchase every character to play, and there are other games in the pack that are not notified. It’s a lie.

Brain tickling, but is it worth it?

I’d probably have given it a 5 Star if the price were $1. But for $4, I expected a much better user interface and graphics. The game delivers a great content in terms of gameplay and story. However, the graphics aren’t very sharp on an iPad Pro 10.5. You can still see some blurring as the animation plays. The main menu is very vague and lacks options. The worst part is you can’t play the game on landscape mode... It took me 3 days to decide wether I should buy the game or not, as I am a fan of CLUE, but was hesitant due to the $4 price tag. I ended up buying it. It was entertaining, but I regret paying $4 for it. Note: the online multiplayer works great tho, but there isn’t chat, or any socializing options at all.

Return to game...

Super annoyed that you can’t leave he app and resume an in progress private game. I’d love this app if that were an option!


This game is a great mixture between tricky and fun. It is a very fun and difficult at parts but overall it is fun

I can not, stop, playing

I am having too much fun, solving mysteries with my friends and people online. This game makes you think so hard. Take my money.

What are all those pop ups???

I love the game. Really love it! It has great graphics and interaction. But every time I start the game I have to navigate through new pop up questions, such as my age. What does my age have to do with anything? And then you tell me all kinds of things about connecting to Facebook, which I am not trying to do or planning to do, and I have to confirm that to move forward. and NOW I have a pop up asking me to confirm push notifications, which I don’t want. And there’s no way to close that window. So, while I love the game, I can’t actually PLAY THE GAME due to all these pop ups. It’s beyond frustrating!

Freaking yes!!!

I’m a massive Clue fan and this game is literally everything the board game is. All the themes they have are great. I would love to see Clue Master Detective or the 1986 version of Clue, or the 1992 or 1998 version of Clue as themes! Would be awesome to have a collection like that on mobile. I’ve been playing this game since launch on mobile a year ago. It’s just so incredibly fun. Thank you Marmalade Games. Please look into the themes I mentioned. Also the transferring of content from mobile to Steam and Vice versa is outstanding! Love love love you guys!!

Love this game but..

So I like to play online a lot. Everything is great but I don’t like that my username is showing my whole name. How can I change this??

Good game

The base game is fun. If you want anything other than the basics, then they charge you a couple dollars for every expansion or character.

Private Game Issues

I love this app! The only issue I have is when I’m in the private game setting. When you play with friends, the app not only freezes but an artificial intelligence takes over and you are no longer in sync with your friends. Other than the private game issue, I enjoy this app very much. I am very addicted to Clue!


Great game.


I love this game. But I just opened to play and it opened as life game. What happen to my clue game I deleted it reinstalled it and it did the same thing. I want my clue game back.

Can’t change difficulty mode

Update: super helpful!! Love the game! I like the game but I’m having trouble finding where to change the difficultly mode... any help would be appreciated..

Love it!

Plays just like the board game!

Multiplayer doesn’t work

Got this game to play with my sister and it doesn’t even work. We follow all the steps but it always says the password doesn’t work. Super frustrating that I bought this game and it doesn’t even perform

Love it!

I’ve been waiting for Clue to become an app! Brings back childhood memories! Love this game!


I am VERY disappointed that I sat here and paid for the apps to be the lowest version with so many barriers. It’s like paying full price for the lite version or a sampler app. They nickel and dime the heck out of you for the good stuff. Also, sure it’s multiplayer but what good is multiplayer without the ability to communicate, chat with, and taunt the other players on the board? A good idea would be to have parental controls that keeps the concept of only using the emojis but dang. I’m an adult and I would like to be able to interact with the other players. Now back to the nonsense about the perks. You get NOTHING but the bare minimum for the price the average person would pay for a whole lot more. And what the heck? You can’t get a house unless you land on the house space? How does this compare to the original version of the game? I also almost NEVER win. This is ridiculous. Unless y’all change things, I want my money back. What kind of crap is this where you charge someone $35.99 for anything in these games. Also, where are the rules? I want to be able to share this game with my kids but I can’t for two reasons. 1. You don’t have the rules easily accessible and clear. 2. When you click local, it crashes. Y’all need to fix that. Also, allow local on WiFi instead of having to pass the device back and forth. What if I want to play with someone in another room in my own house? What if I don’t want to pass my 12.7 inch iPad pack and forth with my kids? Y’all have some major work ahead of you. PLEASE IMPROVE BOTH GAMES!!!! Hire me as a tester. I’ll make sure you profit reasonably AND the customers are satisfied. I have ideas. I purchased the bundle to my feelings about Clue are the same basically. I still don’t understand how an expansion can cost more than the game itself!!!😡😡😡😡


You can play with computers and with friends and online PEPOLE! Great! But I would lower the prices for the places

So frustrated :(

Frustrated because half the games don’t work. What I mean is sometimes the game goes great but other times when I make an accusation, I choose my three cards and submit and then it says I submitted completely different cards and thereby making me lose. There is a glitch with accusations that needs fixed for a paid-for game!!

Woo for Character sets, but

You can’t just totally ignore, Lavender, Rose, Meadow-Brook, and Rusty! They deserve a chance to kill someone! And while we’re on the underrepresented, how about weapons packs? And as far as alternative boards, what about the outdoor areas in ClueFX, the alternative mansion from Master Detective. Also, more Agatha Christie inspired sets could be cool...God, you developers have a lot of work to do.


I like it, but I wish everything was unlocked because I am already spending money to buy the game and don’t want to spend more on the locations.

Needs improvement

Solo is great, while multiplayers needs some improvement such as: -Kicking out those who stall every turn or who disconnect. We have to wait minutes just for them to make a move or hit continue since they are either trolling, taking too long, or disconnected. A normal 6 person game that usually takes 20 minutes took 40 minutes. -Awards and permanent score system is needed. We play games just for the leaderboard to reset, so whats the point of playing 100+ games just to have it reset? We need some incentive more than just a temporary leaderboard. Why not have a permanent leaderboard or level system to unlock new characters or boards that you can’t just buy? -Chat system is needed. Maybe not a full on chat system, but pre-filled phrases would be great. -Final accusation troll fix. Some people just hit final accusation to troll and then back out. -Final accusation bug. Whenever the timer runs out and you hit the submit button at the same time, your map turns into a blue background map, unable to see what’s going on until it’s your turn. -Different game modes. It would be cool to have different game modes such as a speed game, “can’t suspect your own card” game, etc. -Different music. The looping for some map music soundtracks get a little annoying. More music for those who don’t want to mute. This a good game and I really want it to be great. Hope you take my suggestions into thought. Thank you.

I love logic puzzles

It would be nice to be able to see your statistics


The game is not what I expected. How can I get a refund?

Gotta have it

This is a great mystery game. It really gets you thinking.

A Rip off

You pay for the APP and then in order to play you have to buy a board and the characters. You don’t even get a basic board and character to start like in Catan. It’s a total bait and switch. And the prices are REALLY high. I am going to get my money back.

To many stalls, and too many wins

It stalls all the time for no reason. Mostly when the game is in the beginning moves. These stalls can last a few minutes or so. Also, I’ve played many games and it seems as if other online players are just stupid, or I’m smarter than everyone. I think neither idea is true, something is allowing me to win. Good luck all, I unloaded the game.

Constant ad bombardment

I paid for this. I enjoy playing. But now I have to wade through ads for upgrades just to play. AND I now have to upgrade a game that works. For what more ads? I have limited internet. I can't afford to download A new version for no reason. Instead I a message that I have to upgrade. And I have to turn my iPad off to play again.

Single player?

For the price of everything you should be able to play with friends from the same device. Life and Monopoly both have this feature. Will give 5 stars when this becomes Available.


Most of the time I'd be fine paying $4 for a game. However, this time I wasted my money and regretted it. You only get one board to play on upon purchase, A few characters, Ads are ran everywhere, and it costs $35 dollars to unlock the entire game. That may have been the 50% off price. On a lighter note I love the aesthetic and the gameplay is nice and smooth. It just seems like overkill to purchase a game for $4 and then to be asked to buy the full version for $35.


I think that this is a great game I don’t have to do any of the work I just don’t like of how you have to buy everything


I cannot express how much i love this game im on it for hrs i made my family buy it and we play it like old times on the clue board ... its amazing watching this board game come to life ! Thx for an amazing game

... Great !.

So Addicting !.

How do I change my name in this game?

Great job

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