Cluedo: Classic Mystery Game App Anmeldelser

Great fun

So far this is my favorite purchase app. So much fun. Just like the board game!

Needs more options

Still one of my favorites, but it would be nice to have option of playing 4 or 5 players; not just 3 or 6.


From time to time, my player is suddenly in a different room than the one I ended my previous turn in, in the single player mode.


So when I first got it I was like oh it’s a copy of the bord game so I played it I was like wow this is amazing

Not Like The game

I don’t want to be mean but this is not the same you don’t look under the tables, NOT NOTHING EVERY TIME YOU JUST MAKE A GUESS and see if you win not same


It’s great because it’s finally available. However, the other rooms and characters should be unlock-able. People would play it longer and enjoy it more vs getting bored after about two games due to no progression.

Multiplayer stalls

The multiplayer mode freezes. Very annoying.

Stupidly large update

Game is okay but a 1g update?! Nothing else is even close to half that size and I’m guessing it’s all store content that hasn’t been unlocked so I didn’t really need to download anything that size.

Very fun game, but some room for improvement!

I like everything about this game, except: [1] Titles are missing or inconsistent. One of the most fun aspects of new characters is that they can have interesting new titles like Cardinal Green, Prince Azure, Dr. Orchid, etc. Unfortunately, many characters have no title, and the one’s that have one rarely display it. Even if there’s not room to show the titles on the cards, it would be nice if they were used in all the text. [2] It would be great if there was some way to batch select all the matching characters for a board. Also maybe display the name of the character pack with each character. It’s possible to figure it out by the border, but it would be better to show the name. [3] Someone else suggested rolling to choose who goes first, and I second that suggestion. In spite of these minor things though, it really is a great implementation.

Pretty Perfect!

I’ve been a hardcore fan of Clue/Cluedo for the best part of 20 years (everyone has their “thing,” right?). For an avid collector & player like myself, this mobile edition hits all the right notes. The base game is aesthetically faithful to the current edition published by Hasbro, with some welcome adjustments to the board layout & character art. Gameplay is smooth, neither too fast nor too drawn out, and on its highest setting the AI makes for a fierce opponent! The themes (well worth the investment for someone like me — like getting a new game every couple of months without needing more shelf space) are all excellently realized, retaining all the charm & appeal of the classic game mechanics in a whole new universe. The recent decisions to axe the Hint card IAPs & integrate themed weapons into the different boards are a testament to the developers’ dedication to deliver the best possible Clue/Cluedo experience on mobile. If I’ve any qualms, they’re minor at best: online multiplayer isn’t always reliable. Sometimes I ask for a quick 3 player game & suddenly find myself in a 5 player game (which isn’t even a given option in the multiplayer menu). The turn timers don’t always seem to work as intended, and I often find even 3 player games taking nearly 30 minutes to finish. When it works, it’s great. When it doesn’t entirely work, it’s a slog. I’d also love to see the suspect pawns for the Hollywood and Classic sets updated to match their card artwork, and for the achievements from this summer’s Steam release to be integrated into the mobile edition, too. Neither of these are really necessary to enjoy the game, but I do think they’re the kind of small enhancements which could make spending more time in the app even more rewarding.

Clue game

I was playing this game and suddenly I can’t use the characters they don’t appear in the board! I pay for all of the characters and themes! I thought that giving the update will solve the problem but nothing! I loved this game but please resolve this situation! Thanks!

Multiplayer not working!

Multi player doesn’t work with recent update! Ms Scarlett is going to get away with it!!!!

Love the Game

I love playing the game and the new themes that continue to come out. The only thing I would like to see with that is the ability to have the location and AI chosen randomly. I’d also like the ability to play with friends not in real time so I can play with people on different schedules than me. Keep up the great work!

Why is Plum the only one who will accuse?

WHY HAS MULTIPLAYER STOPPED WORKING???? NOT HAPPY ALSO, I BOUGHT ALL BOARDS WHICH INCLUDE UPDATES & SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED TO PLAY NEW BOARD. VERY UNHAPPY Where is the challenge when Plum is the only character who will accuse? Eliminate Plum and I can't lose. The game needs levels of difficulty. Pick your character faces wisely. It costs money to change them. The discounted package exceeds $30!!! Save your money! I bought the snowy peaks. It is cool however Miss Scarlett still can't lose so there is still no challenge. I even tried online (which might be slow computer and not people there is no way to tell) and Scarlett always wins Also, no improvements to Tudor mansion. I'm glad I only spent $7 not $36!!!! FIX MULTIPLAYER IT STILL FREEZES CONSTANTLY & RUINS THE GAME FIX THE COMPUTER PROBLEM! I have lost at least 4 games because your computer puts an X in both opponents & then when I accuse, it says it's a different thing THIS KEEPS GETTING WORSE. MY SCREEN FROZE FOR A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF TIME. THEN ANOTHER PLAYER SOLVED AND WON WHICH WAS IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE I HAD ONE OF THE CARDS. FIX THE GAME

Love the new Masquerade theme

This game keeps improving.

Updated Review after update

Can no longer play game at all after last update. Uninstalled and tried to reinstall. Will not load. Had paid for everything so got shafted.

In app purchases

The game itself is ok. I am a huge fan of clue but never have enough people to play. Here I can play as often as I want. Here’s the thing, why did I buy a game to not have everything unlocked. It should be a reward, win X times and unlock new costumes, boards, and characters. But no, you have spend over $30 extra to get everything. I hope you guys realize that’s way more than the actual clue game. I spent $8 for the bundle but if I knew I’d have to spend more, I wouldn’t bought it to begin with.

Fun Game, but kinda slow

I'm really enjoying the game, but I'd give it 5 stars if the developers would include an option to speed the gameplay up. Other than that, it's a great escape.


Been waiting for this one since the first iPhone. Would like to see multiplayer. Would like to be able to advance animation between rooms and/or turn it off completely. UPDATE 8/7: Would like to be able to set opening title / loading screen to whichever board theme was last used. Understand these are used to advertise latest available theme, but... UPDATE 8/14: The banner announcing player’s turn should extend across screen on iPad the way it does on iPhone. For aesthetic reason, I suggest removing the question mark next to the accusation warning on the end-turn popup.

Worth the purchase!

Great game loads of characters and boards now. Would love to see chat interaction that is pre selected so game doesn’t slow down. Being able to win some characters would be great. Goals like you see in battleship would make it much more interesting. Would love to keep track of wins and losses. Would love the time delays between turns to be a bit quicker. having to hit done when it’s not your turn I don’t think is quite necessary. But great start great game well worth the purchase.

Clue is awesome

Awesome game

Love it

I love this game. At first i was a little confused but once I understood it it was so fun.

Boring adaptation

The previous iPhone version of clue was much better. This a stale adaptation of the board game. Bring the original version back.

Fun But...

It is a fun game but you buy it expecting to get everything every map and characters. But I went in the game and I had one map and only a couple characters. Should be free if you are going to do that. So now if I want to buy maps or characters it costs 35.99 😡😡😤. Makes no sense at all. Just make it free. But still it is a crazy that you spend 35.99 on a board game like who comes up with this.


I play often with my friend on multiplayer. Since the last update, we have to play on easy just to have a chance in a 6 person game against the AI. While we are actually playing the game, the AI is guessing the right answer consistently in the second and third rounds, even on easy, especially on hard. There is no way it actually knows the answer that early in the game. I even played three consecutive games where I only had one guess each! Seriously?! You need to dial back the AI's "luck meter" on their guesses a lot!! AI needs to be based on skill too, not just luck. It seriously seems like as soon as one of us gets two of the three murder cards figured out, the AI's luck is turned way up and we don't have a prayer for having another turn to figure out the last one.

Its so fun and keeps you entertained!!!!

I love this game!!!! It keeps you entertained as well as being fun in general!!! Definitely worth my money!!! I recommend downloading!

Favorite Game

The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is not having the ability to speed up computer players turns in Single Player mode.




I really like the gameplay but I am unable to play on any mode other than easy. I change the characters that I play alongside to higher difficulties but when I win it still says easy. I can’t find any other way to change the difficulty level. If the harder levels are the ones that you have to pay for then I feel like it’s a waste of money.

Great! But maybe..

This game is really great! I would always complain to my family that we should play Clue, but we don't really have enough time to play board games. When I saw this on YouTube, I had to get it! It was really awesome. I loved how you can play offline to. It was cool for a few weeks until I kinda got board of the same castle, and same characters. I would really like to buy a new character or a new place, but I don't wanna waste money. I know this I sounds dumb, but maybe you can have one single day for a player to get one place, or one character for free. It could be like a 24 hour offer or something? I think I would be really awesome. Its just my opinion though. I really hope this could be a possibility, I mean we already paid for the game. Thanks.

Best game ever

This game is very fun and consume time when you have nothing todo or want to play it.


Such a great game, I’m addicted and I’ve only had it for an hour, love it but I wish it was free to get, I had to pay for it😭 but otherwise really good!

Loads of Fun

Great game for Clue lovers! Took me a couple minutes to figure out how to make my notes, but all the tools are there for you! They did a great job with the graphics and the note sheets ! Love it!

A classic!

Nice, but... a bit slow and confusing with the notes. I still recommend it though! Nice to kill time on a long trip or a rainy day!

Great app! Just a few bugs

This app is great fun! Clue on the go is very fun! I have one issue though. Family I play this with has had some freezes during games. This wouldn’t be a problem if they could just restart the app and continue the game. But it kicks them out of the game for something that wasn’t their fault. I can still play, but it’s not as fun because I want to see the face as I make a final accusation! I would love to see this bug get fixed soon! I know they are working on the app because I see updates on steam for it. Please fix this bug!

Hint cards

I enjoyed the game a lot more when players could purchase hint/move cards. Now, there isn’t even a way to earn them. I think I understand the reasoning behind eliminating these cards, but I think this was too wild a swing in the opposite direction. Disappointed there wasn’t a more creative solution.

This game is awesome it’s my fav


Great game, but flawed

Why can people still take forever, in between turns?

No hints

They disabled hints until... who knows. Frustrating for a mystery game

Not for families!

Again...... The whole reason we bought this game was so we could play against each other at our house. Please enable a mode where you can play against your own friends/family. This new version is the absolute worst! You are not supporting family game time. Just terrible. Requiring a Facebook account eliminates all of our family members under the age of 13 and all those without a Facebook account. Just sad. We bought the board game pack and so far two out of three are unusable 😭 for our family.


I love clue so much. Thank you for making it


Good game

Play this game

The game is very fun and you solve mystery’s to find the murder trust me you need to download this now

I love this board game

I love this board game but the app still needs a little work. For one, there’s no incentive for playing. Usually a certain number of points unlocks upgraded features in the game. This app only lets you buy any upgrades. Also, playing with friends is a little difficult and glitchy when you try it.

iPhone X Screen Support

Really enjoying the game but would really love to know if iPhone X screen support will be added to get rid of the black bars top and bottom on the screen.


I love clue I play it all the time I've purchased every board all the caricatures all of them but here recently just as I'm about to make my accusation it kicked me out many many times and when I get back in it goes to the next person.i do not get to finish my turn I would give this game a 5 star but I'm so mad right I would give u a 0 if it would let me please fix this problem I've spent a lot of money on this game.

Love it!

5 stars! Could be cheaper! Play Clue anywhere! Please add new features like HOUSE RULES! Clue is the best board game ever! Please use Apple's Gamecenter instead of EffBook. Please. Watch out for Prof. Plum! Also, why is this in category; Games-Strategy when it should obviously be in Games-Board. Doy.

Cash grab

It is s pay to play game. Already payed for but wants in house transactions, it would be cool if you could earn new stuff instead of just a buy option.

3 1/2 Stars

I’m pretty sure I’ve been playing this game since it came out, and I’ve seen it through all its changes and additions. I started when it was just the one board and character set. The game has always worked well; I’ve never had problems with bugs. I paid for all the current and future boards/players months ago, and I mostly wish I hadn’t. I liked the Halloween and winter sets, but I’m not a fan of at least three of the other boards/sets—some of the themes seem weirdly lazy. I also think the characters all should have titles of at least Miss or Mr. I don’t like that there’s no way to get hint cards anymore, either. Another player said that they wished a roll of the dice would determine your playing sequence because going first isn’t really an advantage, and I agree. Hint cards come in handy when you’ve missed solving the puzzle by one player several times in a row. Sometimes you just need a win. My final beef: I don’t understand why you can only play one of each type of character. Why not be able to play all the Greens or Plums or Scarletts against each other? My suggestion to the developer for the next theme: royalty. How much fun would a medieval castle be?

App won’t open

This game won’t even open I see the hasbro sign for not even a full second and it closes out. I want my money back

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